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Add an "Edit" option in the right-mouse-button menu

Matt V 2 years ago in Feature requests updated by Vlad R 1 year ago 3

Hi Vlad,

Would it be possible to add an "Edit" option in the right-mouse-button menu like in my mock-up image below? The editor could default to open in a separate tab.

Currently the steps to edit are RMB->Open with...->ONLYOFFICE. This is confusing to my users who don't know that ONLYOFFICE is the document editor. The edit button could then rely on the file type to tell it which editor to use.

Thank you!

-Matt V.

You know that you can set a default editor for each file type, right? So that when you double-click a file, or choose "Preview", it opens with the option you want.

Yep, I'm aware of this. For my usage case, it is nice to have a "quick" way to preview a file by double-clicking it. Loading the ONLYOFFICE editor can sometimes take 15 to 30 seconds so I have the double-click option set to preview in WordOnline.

I suppose a quick fix to this would be to change "Open with" menu to say "Edit with ONLYOFFICE" or simply "Edit document" with the ONLYOFFICE icon (since users don't know what ONLYOFFICE is anyways).