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3d Viewer

Kevan H 3 months ago in Feature requests • updated 3 weeks ago 4

any chance of a plugin to view 3d files directx meshes, obj I know there is the Autodesk plugin but after 12 months you have to purchase credits 100 credits $100 ! I think webGL could be used 

thank you

Under review

We did work on a plugin for it, and seems to work fine for smaller 3D models. It's fully browser-based and requires no third-party server for conversion, but it can be slow and even fail for large models. Also can fail with models that have external file resources.

The plugin is big, and we don't think we'll include it by default in FileRun given its very specific use, but will probably make it available as a separate download. It will be compatible with the next FileRun version, so it might take a month or two.

Ok thank you look forward to trying it :)

I'm interested to see if this has progressed.  The interface for this application appears to be the best for browsing and tagging 3d assets.

The main goal for me is to have a tagged and searchable contact sheet of models.  Having a couple pre-cached thumbnails of each model is suitable for browsing and searching. 

So the process would be to traverse a directory of STL and OBJ

Make cached images of them from one or more orientations

And then display the images using your current templates but with a link to the actual stl that would load it into a three.js scene.  There's a large number of modelers and 3d print folks like me that have created and purchased fairly large collections of models and there's no good self hosted solution for this yet.  You'd be the darling of the community if you could do that!  (PS. just tried to install media goblin and got into circular dependency hell.  You might be the only hope!)