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Photos not correctly sorted by Date Taken

wonx 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I mostly use FileRun for searching in my family photo collection by tags. I have noticed that sorting pictures by "Date Taken", not all pictures are displayed.

For example: I have a top level folder with several subfolders. Selecting the top level folder should display all pictures sorted by date (older to newer), and this is more or less what I see. But then I noticed that some pictures are missing, so I restricted the search to a subfolder and now pictures are displayed that did not appear in a more general search.

Is it possible that having a search limit (in my case, 400 pictures), shows only the first 400 pictures it can find and then sorts them chronologically, ignoring matching pictures from other folders, even if chronologically should be there?

Under review

For searching files by date taken, the photos need to have the particular metadata (EXIF, XMP or IPTC) embedded, and FileRun had to indexed them (automatically via upload, or manually via the superuser's contextual menu).

The search works by first finding the files based on the specified criteria, sorting, and them show the truncated result. If the files have the metadata and matches the search and sort order, they should get listed.

Yes, of course. All my pictures have metadata and have been indexed by Filerun (I actually run a script every night to update possible changes on metadata). 

I did some tests, and it's related to the maximum results per search. When it reaches the maximum amount of matches, it stops the search and sorts (chronologically, or however you want) the results, instead of sorting all the matches and displaying the first xxx results.