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Download via mobile phone not possible

luisfigo1 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 6

Downloads via mobile phone are not possible.

Open in browser works without Download.

If I want to download a file, only an empty tab opens: http://meine-Adresse.de/?module=fileman§ion=do&page=download&archiveName=My%20Dateien

There are no problems on the computer.

Software-Installation on All-Inkl Webspace.

How can i download files on mobile devices?

Under review

Please specify OS and browser version.

Actual Android all Browsers (Standard Browser and Firefox Mobile at least).

Friends have reported.

I tested it with current bluestacks emulator and standard browser.

I can't confirm any problems with any Android device. Sorry to say this but you are wasting our time reporting problems you are having using a mobile device emulator.

The problem exists without an emulator, too.

Is there a log or something like that to narrow down the problem?

Please specify a device, operating system version and browser version, with which you are experiencing a problem with downloading files from FileRun.

Closed for lack of information