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Download problem: Keeps logging out when download files

william 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 4

We have a problem with downloading files via the menu with the three dots or under the right mouse click. Every time we try to download a file it sends us to a new browser window where we have to login again. When we download a file via the icon Download next to the Preview icon, everything seems to be fine.

We are using FileRun on a Cloudways server. I've checked the PHP configuration, and modified soms settings, but nothing seems to work. It happens in all browsers, so no browser issue here. Any ideas? 

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Are you still logged in after closing the newly opened window?

No, completely logged out. Have to login again. In the newly opened window I even cannot login, seems a login loop. So I have to go base url to login successfully. Everything else seems to work fine.

You need to contact your hosting service tech support to get more information about what is going on. It is not FileRun causing this behavior, but the server. This kind of behavior is most of the time caused by broken security filters on the server, incorrectly matching the HTTP request as an attack. I wouldn't be surprise to see that the server is running Apache with mod_security installed and configured by somebody that doesn't know how to do it. (Yes, even on professional hosting services, we see it all the time.)