change superuser username and, where is 2FA code seed

st1 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 2


(1) Is it possible to change default "superuser" username to something else, after software installation and activation ? 

(2) Where can I find the TOTP seed associated with a given user? Or, is it possible to show the seed when the first time QR code is displayed ? This allows setting totp on a device with no camera.

Thank you.

1. Yes, you can edit the superuser account as any other account and change its login name.

2. If you try to login first time using a mobile device's browser, you will get it as text to copy. In a regular browser, you should be able to hold your mouse cursor over the QR code image and see the text code in the tooltip.

Great ! I'll try it out soon. Thanks for the quick response.