Generation of preview thumbnails

Aitor O 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

I find script "cron/make_thumbs.php" very useful to generate during the night the thumbnails of the hundreds of tiff files thay we sync during the day. When the user access filerun, he doesn't have to wait to see the smail thumbnails.

I would like that the "preview thumbnails" could be also pregenerated and stored because we use filerun as a tool for browsing plans (sizes A0 and A1) and, only after having a fast look, downloading some of them.

Now, I see that this "preview" thumbnails are generated on-the-fly and its size depends on the user screen size and the browser size but that could be solved with a parameter name "Preview size" that could be 1280 as a default value since that size is more that enough for most screens


We have optimized the preview process:

- An enlarged thumbnail is being shown, instantly, while the high-res version loads, instead of the spinning icon. This allows you to quickly identify the image and skip forward if it's not the image file you are interested in.

- For file types that are supported by the web browsers (such as JPG), the files are being loaded directly, without resizing on the server, if their byte size and physical size are not very large (the thresholds are configurable).

These changes will be available with the next software update. Thank you for the improvement request!

Wow, I'm speechless!!!

Thank you.