File indexing

servis 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 4

I really do not understand the instructions for file indexing. Whether it is necessary to have both Apache Tika and ElastiSearch loaded or can only be one and which one is better.

And if anyone is willing to help me do this to work, because I've loaded everything, I just get a lot of mistakes.

i've asked the same question couple days ago and they said,

"Tika is used only for extracting text contents from non-plain-text files, such as PDFs or office files. ElasticSearch is used only for indexing and searching." 

Now it works for me. Elasticsearch and Apache Tika as a server. But there is a problem with Elasticsearch with a plugin installation, but somehow I succeeded. And I still get some alert when starting Apache Tika, but I'll rescue it elsewhere.

good to hear that, usually admin were responding questions in couple of hours but since 2-3 days they are offline :)

We've added now the clarification to the documentation. Thanks @teknik