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tiff files failing to upload

teknik 1 week ago • updated 2 days ago 9

when i try to upload tiff files system returns "Failed to upload file. Server error. Please try again later" any other files just uploading correctly. I assumed that could happen because of ImageMagick and it wasn't installed to system, i've installed but it doesn't helped, no php errors in the error log.

Any ideas ?

can you add any other files that are over 101MB in size? 

i've tried an MP4 file (407MB) and RAR file (119MB) both files are uploaded without any problem.

Other strange thing is when i change the file extension to anything else (bmp,zip,rar,iso,jpeg) it uploads without any error.

Under review

Any error logged in FileRun's user activity logs?

checked apache2 logs and activity log but no errors.

Attached file to this topic so you can test.

The HTTP logs will not help much. Look in FileRun's user activity log (inside FileRun's control panel). Other logs that might help would be the PHP error_log (if this is a PHP related problem).

activity log is not showing any error and my php_error file is also empty

is there any other option or maybe some plugin(maybe some sort of debug bar) to catch errors ?


Update : i've antoher filerun installation is under my company's website, the version was :2017-09-18 tried same file uploaded without any problem. Updated filerun to 2018.02.13 and re-uploaded the same file and uploaded without any problem. 

This thing is drives me crazy no error at any log files but not uploading the file.

Local server (returning error one) runs on Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS and without tiff files everything works just fine.