Download ALL button - how to remove?

info 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 8

Hi Guys,

i really love your software! Is there any chance to remove DOWNLOAD ALL button from sharing page? im sharing really big projects (around 30-40GB in splitted archives) and many my customers are cliking on to DOWNLOAD ALL button, which doesnt work properly on my servers - there's 1GB download files limit on it.. so they are getting broken files.. 

I had this same problem, one line fix in /wl/css/gallery.css or folder.css add this line at the end

.actionBtn:not([href*="path"]) {display:none;}

hides "download all" button on the main link page when there is not a 'path' in the URL!


Thank you for sharing your solution. We will implement an option for hiding the button, with the next FileRun update.

Hi, I tried to add line.actionBtn:not([href*="path"]) {display:none;}one by one e later on both folder.css and gallery.css but it doesn’t work.

Have you refreshed your browser's cache?

I had to add the line to list.css to make it work in shared links. Now it works, thanks!

The upcoming FileRun update will add a control panel option for hiding the "Download all" button.