Not a bug

Automatically regenerate missing thumbnails

wonx 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

When browsing picture folders, from time to time you see that some thumbnails were not generated. Maybe 10% of them. Instead, a stricken-through blue polaroid icon appears. Double clicking on it loads the picture correctly, so there must have been a problem with the generation of the thumbnail (maybe the server was overloaded at that moment?). 

I think that missing thumbnails should be regenerated the next time a user lists that picture, or by just refreshing your browser.

Not a bug

That's indeed what usually happens in these cases. Generating thumbnails uses a lot of CPU, so if the server is trying to process to many files at the same time, it might hit limits.

FileRun does attempt to regenerate the missing thumbnails, after a while, to avoid executing expensive processes that have high chances of failing. If it still fails, there might be something wrong with the file, or ImageMagick just failing on those particular files.

Aha. However, refreshing the page did not trigger the generation of the missing thumbnails. I ended up running the php script to manually generate all thumbnails.