Ajax communication failed

Ugo C 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 2

- Tasto destro sul file da inviare

- scelgo: invia tramite email

- Errore visualizzato: Ajax communication failed.

- la email non viene inviata

We have the same problem after migrating to another server. Please help, this is urgent!

We are using version 2019.12.25


The error just means that the server failed to provide a response.
That can happen with there is a PHP error but PHP is configured not to show errors (display_errors is set to Off in the PHP configuration).
You can check the FileRun control panel user activity logs for a possible log entry that might contain the PHP error message. If there isn't any, you would need to check the PHP error log.
The first step though would be to check the FileRun settings, particularly the e-mail settings and the configured SMTP account, to see if they are correct, and perform a test from the same place.