Not a bug

Can not login with changed email or password

Sascha K 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

After changing my email address and password on https://feedback.filerun.com I can't login using the new information. I still need to use my old login data. Even though there is no error when I change it on my profile site.

Not a bug

This forum uses the FileRun client account login, rather than its own, so you can change your password here: https://filerun.com/client-area/change-pass

That link works for changing the password. Where can I change my email?

Thank you, support just sent me an email confirming the changed email address. Since the message also contained my password, I have to say: first, please don't send passwords over email, that is terrible security practise. Second, do you store passwords in cleartext? If so, please consider switching to a salted and hashed value instead. Thanks.