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Slowly upload speed on Xampp Windows version 7.2.16

nusara wu 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 6

Hello, I install FileRun on Xampp Version 7.2.16 / PHP Version 7.2.16. But when I upload files to FileRun. The upload speed is very slow. The upload speed is around 3.8 - 4.1 MB/s. I tried to upload inside server but the upload speed are same. My internet connection have upload brandwidth up to 100Mbps and the FileRun server locate in my house. I mean my computer that use for upload and FileRun server are using the same network. I think the upload must be faster than this. For my server storage I using WD Red 4 TB that can read and write data up to 160-170 MB/s.

I think The problem may be caused by PHP configuration but I have checked and there is nothing wrong.

This is my PHP configuration file php.ini

Image 346

Image 347

Image 349

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I advise against configurations such as "upload_max_filesize=1000000M". It won't help, and it will actually have negative results.

If you are changing to recommended settings, we can continue looking into it: http://docs.filerun.com/php_configuration#configuring_php

Hi Vlad, Thank you for the reply.

Now I have changing PHP configurations to recommended settings. This is my new PHP configurations file php.ini

What is it that you wish us to review? You said you made the changes. Good. Any difference in behavior? (We are not going to spend time going through your configuration file.)

After I changes the configuration file. The problem still occurs (The Apache still uploading slowly as before)

Closed for lack of information