how to use /cron Command line tools

lyluchri 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

Sorry if that's obvious, I tried pointing my browser to a specific .php in that folder but access is refused due to the htaccess, so what's the way to "apply" a certain command ? (namely thumbnails in one folder)

Also that first phrase is mysterious to me :
You might need to specify the PHP configuration file (php.ini) path to be loaded, so that the command is executed with the same configuration and not the default one (which usually doesn't load needed extensions, such as ionCube):

The scripts inside the "cron" folder are designed to be executed from the command line (php filename.php).

sorry but how and where do you execute that command line ?

I recommend google-ing it or asking anybody with a bit more experience with servers. We can't spend time providing guidance with such basic topics. Thank you for your understanding.

well if I knew who to ask I wouldn't ask here... Pointing me to what to search for in google (because I did before asking here and didn't find any help) would have taken you less time than typing you don't want to answer. It might be basic for you but none of it is explained in your guide.
And if you don't want to answer that as it's too basic you should put in your forum a guideline saying that if you don't know how to send commands to your server you shouldn't use filerun, nor post any questions about it.
Of course after precising that /cron is a folder of commands for your server.
thanks so much and sorry for not being educated enough.
Chris (the guy who had his root folder overwritten by your erroneous guide on installing on cpanel, remember ? thanks)

No offence but that's like saying that a car manufacturer has the responsibility of teaching you how to change a wheel, and they should not sell their cars to people that don't know how to do that.

Installing, configuring and running FileRun requires server administration skills, and some of the features require quite advance skills, and we don't claim otherwise.

If I remember correctly, you were using cPanel: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/How+to+Access+the+Command+Line

More help with managing your server should be covered by your hosting service tech support, which you are paying for. Answers here are provided by FileRun developers, at our own cost. We'd rather spend these minutes on making FileRun better. Hence the asking for understanding.

Vlad, all you had to say was the command line is done from the server not filerun.

Anyone searching the forum would have had the answer from then on and not wasted your time anymore.
The car manufacturer prints manuals that say where the jack and crank are, even how to use them.

Having said that, FileRun is a great program and thanks for your help,