folder info description

lyluchri 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

Is there a way to create a description for a folder when the Info panel on the right is open ?
It only shows the number of files.
If I right-click more options > metadata I can fill info and save but these info never show up anywhere unless I re-open that same box.
Re-indexing doesn't change

If you create a file name README.TXT (uppercase is important) in that folder, its contents will load on the info panel when opening the folder.

Hey Vlad, not working, I've tried a simple README.txt then without the txt extension, nothing shows up on the right panel other than number of files in the folder
There's a very brief "reading metadata" that disappears and doesn't show the saved metadata.

Sorry, I've edited my previous message. It's "README.TXT", all uppercase, extension included.

Thanks Vlad, lucky for me this one wasn't too basic, yet everyone who knew the answer would probably think it was, cheers.

So what is the metadata box that is editable for ?   folder>more options>metadata