Image preview weird reaction

ltotsas 1 month ago • updated by Vlad R 4 weeks ago 3

When i try to open an image lets say up to 3mb the preview of the image load instantly!! Though when i try to open an image lets say 10mb the image takes time to fully load. 

The weird think is that when i will try to download the 10mb image without previewing it, the image will be downloaded INSTANTLY! 

If the file is too large in filesize or to big in pixel dimensions, FileRun will process it to load a smaller version of it, instead of the original file, hence the wait. Resizing a large image is not instant.

It's the expected behavior.

Is there any way to bypass this and show the whole image, or at least make the process bigger!? I mean php configuration wise!?

See "$config['app']['thumbs']['output_small_filesize']" here: http://docs.filerun.com/advanced_configuration