Update 2018-11-11 failed

peter 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

Dear Sirs,

the update 2018-11-11 failed to run on my system. Everything went properly until the last line:

Updating folder "system/classes/vendor/FileRun/OAuth2/Client/" ......Ok.

Updating folder "system/classes/vendor/Flow/" ......Ok.

Removing "system/modules/search/sections/ajax/php/quicksearch.php" ......Ok.

Updating database structure...

ALTER TABLE `df_modules_weblinks` ADD `require_login` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'

How can I perform a proper update?

Thanks in advance, kind regards,



Log in to PHP MyAdmin or your favorite DB editor. Select the table 'df_modules_weblinks'. Does it have the column 'require_login'? Mine looks like this:

If it doesn't have that column, you can try manually execute the SQL query in PHPMyAdmin:

ALTER TABLE 'df_modules_weblinks' ADD COLUMN 'require_login' TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

BACK UP YOUR DB BEFORE MANUALLY TRYING TO CHANGE ANYTHING!!!! I'm not responsible if you break your DB because you don't know what you're doing ;)


Under review

Temporarily setting "display_errors" to "On", in your PHP config, and trying the update again, the FileRun update log will include some more information which should be helpful in identifying what exactly is it that goes wrong.


Ok, solved the problem.

The root cause was that FileRun lost the connection (?) with the database, hence couldn't update the tables. The solution was to re-define the password in MySQL, then setting this new password in the FileRun config. After that, the update went shoothly.