Date in the pic detail

Giovanni I 4 months ago • updated by Vlad R 3 months ago 5


i have installed and rightly configured it on my server but i don't understand have to right set the date of the detail pic as i have indicated with red arrows in the attached screenshot.

The first one is the date of the file creation (taken from the server's filesystem). The second is the date the photo was taken (taken from the metadata inside the file).

yes i know all about it, but how can i set in italian format the date?

Where i can modify the date format of both the points?

I'm afraid you can't. The created date is formatting based on age and language affects it only when it contains textual parts (for example when the date includes a day or month name). The "Date taken" is the actual value of the file's metadata and FileRun is displaying it as it is; altering it would break the searching.