Default File Types, Meta Fields and More

Steve J 3 months ago in Feature requests • updated by Vlad R 1 month ago 3

Several questions for you:

  1. Hiding File Types – Is it possible to hide the default file types (e.g. Audio, Photos, Video) when searching for file “Type”?

  2. Hiding Meta – Additionally, there is certain meta information that will never be used. Can we hide certain properties from the meta data criteria?

  3. Unselecting Field Value – One issue I see when setting field values is that I cannot set the field value to undefined or null once set. Have any workarounds?

  4. Reflecting changes to fields – I notice when I make changes to fields they do not reflect in the FileRun user interface until I hard refresh my browser. I’m concerned with how my hundreds of users will see these changes once I make them. Is there a mechanism (force log out or clear cookies) so all users are seeing the latest changes once I make them?
Under review

I have changed your post into a feature request, as most of the described changed can't be currently done.

For #3, Unselecting Field Value, you could add a new option at the top of the list, like "-" or "- none selected -".

For #3, "-" or "-none-" is a workaround bu it is not the same as it was before setting any field value. When I compare it to the situation  with the function "Label" in the right-click context menu, there I fin the the default value "No Label" on top of the list. So concluding, I would be nice to have a "No Label" equivalent for filed values.


We'll make it so with the next update.