Default File Types, Meta Fields and More

Steve J 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 8

Several questions for you:

  1. Hiding File Types – Is it possible to hide the default file types (e.g. Audio, Photos, Video) when searching for file “Type”?
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  2. Hiding Meta – Additionally, there is certain meta information that will never be used. Can we hide certain properties from the meta data criteria?
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  3. Unselecting Field Value – One issue I see when setting field values is that I cannot set the field value to undefined or null once set. Have any workarounds?
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  4. Reflecting changes to fields – I notice when I make changes to fields they do not reflect in the FileRun user interface until I hard refresh my browser. I’m concerned with how my hundreds of users will see these changes once I make them. Is there a mechanism (force log out or clear cookies) so all users are seeing the latest changes once I make them?
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I have changed your post into a feature request, as most of the described changed can't be currently done.

For #3, Unselecting Field Value, you could add a new option at the top of the list, like "-" or "- none selected -".

For #3, "-" or "-none-" is a workaround bu it is not the same as it was before setting any field value. When I compare it to the situation  with the function "Label" in the right-click context menu, there I fin the the default value "No Label" on top of the list. So concluding, I would be nice to have a "No Label" equivalent for filed values.


We'll make it so with the next update.

Reflecting changes to fields

Making any changes to metadata fields, field sets or file types will reflect immediately.

Hiding File Types

You will be able to hide the list of system default file types (Audio, Documents, Photos, Videos) in the metadata file type search by setting $config['app']['metadata']['search']['exclude_system_filetypes'] = true;

Hiding Meta

You will be able hide the list of system default metadata fields (the ones that belong to the "Audio", "Documents", "Photos", "Videos" file types) in the metadata file search by setting $config['app']['metadata']['search']['exclude_system_fields'] = true;

The above changes will be available with the next FileRun update.

Excellent Vlad, thank you!

On chrome the changes to metadata fields, field sets or file types does NOT reflect immediately. Needs to clear browser cache will for firefox it does.

The changes mentioned above will be included in the next FileRun update.


The software update is now available.