Not a bug

Upload error for files bigger than 2 Mo

commission it 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 4

I have installed FileRun on OVH web hosting.
No issue about that.

When i try to upload some files (differents extensions / formats), the upload exceeds 100% until 150-200% and indicates error.
How can i try to fix this issue ?

Which error? You need to provide more details than that, check your web server's error logs, etc.

Sorry to have quickly share this issue without details.
I have begin to check all information about this issue to share here, but in my last test (to retrieve the exact error message after an upload failed), the system seems work properly.

I will come back in few days to confirm if issue is resolved itself or not.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Apparently, the issue was solved itself (no specific explanation about that).

Thanks for your reactivity.