Not a bug

Cannot update to 2019.05.21

wonx 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

I am trying to update FileRun version from "2018.11.11" to "2019.05.21". 

I go to the software update option in the control panel, I download the new update (seems to download fine), and when I click on Install update, I get the following:

Developer info: de: met:300 ml:128M
Cleaning after previous update...Done
Extracting update...Done
Running update:

And nothing else happens. If I refresh the page, I can see filerun is still at 2018.11.11.

What I am doing wrong?

Not a bug

You have "display_errors" set to "Off" in your PHP configuration, that is why you are not seeing any useful information in the update log. You can check the PHP error log for the message, and that will tell you what the problem is.

Most probably you are running PHP 5 still, while the newer FileRun version requires PHP 7.1 or higher (http://docs.filerun.com/php7).

Thanks. I will check that out and report back.

Hi again,

I was still using php7.0, so that may have been the root of the issue. In any case, I ended up performing a clean install.