Autoupload of mobile phone pictures

me 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Hi there, newbie here - just installed FileRun to my cloud storage so I can use it for backing up all my files instead of Google (moving away from them after they recently put my nose out of joint and also cause I'm a Huawei user).

So all good on the server front and install the app successfully and can see files that I have on my server BUT, am I being really stupid here but how do I set it up so that instead of all my photo's on my phone being backed up automatically to Google how do I set it up to use my Server instead, is this something that FileRun is capable of doing or do I need a separate app for that?  Had thought by the description of FileRun this was something it did?

The Android Nextcloud app can connect to FileRun and auto upload photos. I have not tested the feature, I can confirm the rest of the app works.

Just make sure you need the newest version of FileRun May 2019 version. the Nextcloud app do not work with the previous version of FileRun.

Awesome, thanks for the advice will try that at point this weekend and update and let you know whether it worked. 

Many thanks!