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Unable to configure NextCloud to connect to the server

randdrick 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 4


I try to configure NextCloud to synchronize my files with my server.
When NextCloud want to access to myserver, I click on Boutton "Accepter" and nothing happen (I'vent problem if i try with Demo Site).

If I click on button "Annuler", I can acces to my server, but NextCloud is not configure.

I install FileRun with softaculous cpanel and upgrade this to last version (I've a licence key). My PHP version is 7.1

I think i've a problem to give an authorisation to NextCloud with my server. Can you help me ?

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Please specify FileRun server version and Nextcloud client version.

FileRun Version : FileRun_2019_05_21_PHP_71-73
NexCloud version : Nextcloud-2.5.2

Under review

If you are still having this problem, please contact us: https://filerun.com/contact with access information for your FileRun install, so that we can troubleshoot it for you.

Do also specify the OS you are using.

Closed for lack of information