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Can not upload large files via mobile phone

gamenet365 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 9

Hello. I'm just installed FileRun. I can upload big file (over 20MB) from my PC. However, i can not upload that file via mobile. The files <20MB can upload from mobile. I'm trying many time.

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Any one help me?

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Check the FileRun control panel section called "Activity logs" and see if there is an entry for the failed actions. It usually contains details on what went wrong.

You could also check the PHP error log, and the HTTP server's error log for more details.

Activity logs is fine, and error_log is nothing (display_errors is on). You can try my link in picture (account: Test / test@123)

UC Browser can upload. But Chrome Mobile (and default browser) can't upload file over 20MB. 

Are you having troubles using Chrome, to upload files larger then 20MB, on our demo (https://demo.filerun.co)?

Correctly. Same error on my server.

What device and OS do you use?

I'm using Mi 8 SE with Android Pie

Upload file is fine now. The simple that file not exists on my device. Thanks.