where to find a color-theme to copy and customize?

camiel 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 4

Hi FR & community!

I am new to FileRun and I do not understand why there is no theme css file like the red or blue one, to copy and customize. Suggestions are welcome!


In the settings, select a custom theme

Thanks for fast reply,

I know this file and found it right away, what I really am searching for is a current style theme file, like the red, blue or black theme,  so I can simply copy that css and make changes over there. Normally I inspect site elements in the browser-console but since right-click is not posible i am not able to see what the id's and classes are that beeing used.

"css/theme_template.css" is the file you are looking for. Copy that code over to "customizables/theme.css" and edit as you wish. Note that you will need to replace a few placeholders (that look like this: [MAIN], [DARK], etc..) with actual colors.