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Share link display mode / theming

Tyrant 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3

I'm posting this in Questions / Feature Requests because there is probably a way of doing this right now and I would like to know how, but there also needs to be an 'official' method of doing it through the GUI, config, or documentation.

I would like to control the display mode of the share links generated through FileRun. I have figured out that you can add &mode=list to the end of the URL to change the display mode to a basic, non-detailed list (this isn't documented anywhere as far as I can tell). However I don't know how to make the display mode into a detailed list.

I would also like the share page to use the dark theme colors, I'm not sure if this is possible with custom branding or not, or if you can edit one of the internal files to apply some css manually.

When creating a web link, right next to the field that displays the link's URL, you have a toggle option that reads by default "Grid view". Click on it to change the display mode and the URL changes accordingly.

There are currently a couple of places that do not take the theme into account. The web links being one of them. This will be improved in the future.

I see, so no detailed list yet? I wanted something that would list a modified date.

And am I able to manually edit one of the php files to add a bit of improvised theming in the meantime? I wouldn't know which one it would be to control the shared link pages.

Under review

Currently there is no detailed view.

See the folder "wl/css/" for styling the web links pages.