Customer Lock Out

Dave S 6 years ago updated by Vlad R 6 years ago 7

I would love to be able to lock an entire folder from the Admin screen. Not in setting for individual users.

Say a client does not pay for services, but still has data on the website. But the folder with the data has many users.

Instead of finding each individual user and 'disabling' the account. It would be handing to just navigate to the folder and be able to 'lock' or 'turn off access' to that folder until the client has paid.

This would be very handy in my circumstances since clients are on retainer and not individual al-a-carte billing. Your retainer fee isn't paid... everyone who has access to the folder can see a message or screen notifying them it has been locked for (whatever reason others might want) or non-payment.

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When you say the folder has many users, these users are created by the superuser/you, or by the client?

Users are created by me.

So... folder TEST has the following users on the account that the client has indicated needs access for download.

So, these people... (for instance) are the ones who need the files.

John - Copy writer

Jane - Producer

Bob - Production/Mixer

Instead of going through and disabling everyone's account... Just lock out the folder if needed until the account is paid in full.

They all can log in, they all can see the file(s) that they want so badly... but, if they haven't paid for the service, all they can do is look. No preview, no download, no email, etc. Just see that they have projects waiting to be downloaded.

If the users are accessing the folder through a share, and not through their own home folders, then you can remove the download permission from the share. Would that work in your case?

If I had set it up as sharing, that might work.

But most clients who have log ins to the site, all have specific folders.

Business Client "A" - may have 3 to 5 users accessing that folder, specifically. Not shared, direct access.

Business "B" may have only 1 user accessing a specific folder. Rarely, if ever do Client A and B ever have users that overlap into each others folder. The competitive nature of the Media Business doesn't do well with 'sharing.' It's all confidential material so one media outlet has stuff before the other. Basically, Client A and B don't like each other, so they surely wont share production and editing staff to share a folder.

The share would be from you, the admin, to your client and its users. I am not suggesting a setup where the clients would interact with each other in any way.

Let's say user CLIENT is your client and ADMIN is you. Do you see any disadvantage in doing this:

1. Set the home folder of CLIENT to an empty folder. (we plan to add the option of hiding the user' home folder altogether, so that the user opens directly the first shared folder he has access to)

2. Logged in as ADMIN, share the folders you wish CLIENT should access, by right-clicking the folder and selecting the user.

instead of your current setup?

This would then allow you exactly what you have described: to prevent users from downloading files from the folders, although be able to see them there, but without having to open the control panel and disable the accounts.


Option two: use roles for the user accounts. Create a new role for each new client and assign the role to the client user accounts. If you wish to lock the client, you would only have to edit the role and remove the download permissions from it.

This option might also ease the user account creation process.


Possible option three: what if we add the option of selecting multiple user accounts from the control panel and disable them all with just one click? Then you could sort or search the list of users by the "Company" field to quickly locate all users related to a certain customer which you wish to lock out.

These are ALL FABULOUS options. I will have to try them and see what is most efficient and effective.

Option 1 and 3 seem easiest.

3 would be SUPER because all clients can be searched by the actual FOLDER NAME, since all are unique! 3 would be outstanding!


A button for deactivating multiple users with a click will be available with the next FileRun update.