webdav problem with shared folder

Gerald F 2 months ago • updated 3 weeks ago 6


With some webdav clients like Cyberduck, the content of directories 

that are shared is no longer displayed since the update.

(only the @Home).

Thank you for the correction.



when do you think you can fix this bug? it's starting to get problematic.
Thank you.


Sorry for the wait.

Please replace the file "system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Utils/WebDAVServer.php" in your FileRun installation with this one. It should fix the problem.

I've uploaded it and restarted apache but still get the same error on both a Mac desktop client and an iOS nextcloud client.

This is a topic related to Cyberduck.

The iOS Nextcloud app is currently not supported.

For Nextcloud desktop sync issue related to shares, please see this topic: https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/641-shared-folder-not-syncing-with-nextcloud-client-error

As for the webdav via the cyberduck client, 

the patch works without any problems

thank you.