. (period) replaced with _ (underscore)

Ed P 6 years ago updated by Vlad R 6 years ago 3

Since the latest update (2016.09.19) when a user registers with a . (period) in the home folder name it is replaced with _ (underscore). If I make a change to the user's account info such as editing their name and resaving, the user's home folder name is resaved to a new folder with the . (period) returned.

Ex.: 1. user registers with "My Co." as the folder, it is saved as "My Co_".

- "My Co." is listed in their filerun account, "My Co_" is the folder created on the server

2. If I change only the user's name in their account and select save, a new home folder is created "My Co."

3. Both "My Co." and "My Co_" are present on the server. The user's original home folder My Co_" was replaced with My Co."

. (period) is not a non-standard character and shouldn't be replaced (as it was before the most recent update)

Under review

When the admin user edits home folder paths, he has full control, as there is no security risk.

Period characters are replaced from the user input because they have significance when dealing with file paths. If a user types ".." for the company name, his home folder will turn get created one level higher than it should. I will look into this further and see how it can be improved.

Hello Vlad, thanks for addressing this issue. On my server the home folder path is set via a role. This issue occurs when I make any changes to the user's account other than the home folder such as the user's name. I'm not making any changes to the home folder, home folder path, or role.


I have contacted you in private with a patch. Thank you for reporting the problem.