can't connect via webdav from some apps

voluntaryistguy 4 years ago 0

I am able to connect to my filerun server from the NextCloud app on Android and from WebDAV Nav on iOS, but not from other WebDAV apps on iOS. In PhotoSync, I'm entering the same login credentials as in WebDAV Nav (both are on iOS). WebDAV Nav logs in correctly,can see and create directories, and can see an upload photos. But PhotoSYnc seems to log in but can't see or create directories, and returns an error ("error: canceled") when I try to upload photos.

I cant find anything in the support forums to help this situation. I've tried changing the login credentials of PhotoSync to include and exclude the "dav.php/" from the end of the domain - strangely, both have the same result: PhotoSync seems to successfully log in but can't see or create directories.

Does anyone have any suggestions?