How to decrease photo size while previewing?

hdavy2002 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 2

hello again folks,

Here is my situation.

I have uploaded few photos. Each photo is around 15 to 25 MB. When I click on a thumbnail to preview. I get a small image pop up and then there is round circle indicating that it is downloading the entire image. I believe its the standard way right now.

In my case, I am on a slow connection. So I am wondering, if the below is possible make a custom change on my end for the followings..

a) When I upload a big image. It automatically creates multiple screen size pictures (For mobile, ipad, PC etc)

b) When I click a thumbnail. It shows me a quick lossless pic.

c) When I hit the download button. It downloads the original image.

Many thanks folks



We're not going to ever mix thumbnail creation with the upload process. It's going to make upload very slow and considerbly increase storage usage.

The preview already works like that. If the screen is small and an already generated thumbnail suitable for the screen size is available, it will be loaded.

There is no standard screen size, not mobile, not PC, so what might seem fine for one user, for another user might seem very low res.

There is no solution that would cover all cases. That is why it's going to be pretty hard convincing us of changing the way things currently work.

To compensate for the slow connection, get a faster server, that can generate the resized preview faster. You are currently not waiting for pictures to download, but for resized previews to be generated.