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Filerun "updating" to older version.

Exerp ApS 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3


I have an issue where I'm installing the newest version of filerun (currently 2019.06.01). But when I open the webinterface, it gives me a notification about a new update. I go to the "Software update" tab and then it says I'm running 2018.11.11... When I then try to update, it is going for "Update 2019.05.21" and funny enough, when I download and install the update, it breaks itself when it is trying to update DB tables.....

Filerun is literally trying to downgrade itself 2 versions because it somehow thinks it is running an older version than it actually is.

Has anyone experienced this and how do i fix it?

This is quite annoying as I will have a hard time updating it from now on.

Thanks in advance!

Under review

How are you installing? Following a particular guide? What is the URL you are downloading the FileRun installation Zip file from?

Are you by any chance using an existing database that might already have data from a previous install?

It turns out it was a database issue. Solved this by updating to Mariadb 10.4 and running mysql_upgrade.

Not a bug

Thank you for letting us know the solution!