2FA: remember "save" devices and do not ask for login every tim

Malte 4 years ago updated by Shawn L 4 months ago 3

From other 2FA I am used to be able to mark the current device as save and not being asked every time I visit that site to provide password and 2nd factor. It is quite annoying to do that, so that I disabled 2FA for my installation again.

Any chance to do that already now (maybe by setting auto logout to 1 year or so in a config file?)


So it's not really about 2FA, but being kept signed in, which FileRun does by default.

Perhaps you changed "Inactivity timeout" from the default 0 value in the control panel.

I do miss this in Filerun; other services you can remember a device so it doesn't ask for 2FA again even if it logs you out.

Although this would be nice, it does slightly weaken 2fa. So if added, it should not be the default.