Image preview caching

Malte 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 1

I was wondering which previews are cached and which not and which are generated at all. In Nextcloud I can set a maximum width/height up to where previews are generated, so that I have several preview sizes to choose from depending on display size.  Wouldn't that be an option, at least an optional one, to just cache more sizes and chose the appropiate one (NC additionally works with upscaling to a given factor) and not to generate it on the fly?

P.S.: I would love to have the same logic of cached previews as NC anyway, so that I can merge the two preview cache folders :-)

P.S.S.: What does the command line function for generating previews (make_thumbs.php) do anyway if usally previews are not cached? Plus, it would be great to be able to provide a subfolder to that function!

I have moved your comment as it was no longer related to the particular topic.

I have changed it into a feature request.

To answer your question: FileRun generates and caches only thumbnails. No preview is cached (other than by the browser).