Private "Drop Box"

Ed P 7 years ago updated by Vlad R 6 years ago 3

Hello FileRun

I would like the ability to create a private "drop box" link. This linked folder would be set to upload only and anything uploaded would be completely hidden from others who have uploaded. Currently, any linked folder with the added option to upload files allows anyone who accesses the link to download data and see anything in the folder.

Under review

How would you know who uploaded a file? What if two people upload the same file name?

The purpose of this would be to add a convenient link to my signature so people I email could easily upload data to a designated "drop box" folder in my account, so I do not have to create a custom folder for every contact (to keep their data private) and they do not have to register on my FileRun server. Since random contacts will be uploading, I would want them to only be able to upload files and not view the contents of the folder they are blindly uploading to. To solve the issue of who is uploading and two people uploading the same filename, I'd like the ability to add a line of text to the upload page such as "Thank you for uploading to my FileRun Drop Box. Include the your name, company, and project title in the filename of your upload. Please also upload a document with your contact information and print instructions."


This has been implemented and will be available with the upcoming update. Thank you for the feature request!