Narrow down search space combining Name, Type, Metadata *and* Contents search

Thomas P 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Hi Dev team,

in order to narrow down the search space I could combine Name, Type and Metadata search (very useful :-) Please see an example in this screenshot:

Image 387

However, trying to combine this narrowed down scope with contents search (=full text search) seems not possible at the moment.

I would suggest to consider this feature because it would make searching in in piles of documents much more precise, efficient and faster.

Just some information. We would have added the option from the beginning, as we agree it would be very useful to be able to combine the search criteria freely. It's the technical part that kept us so far, with the content search being done externally in the ElasticSearch server while the rest of the search being done in FileRun's MySQL database. While they are both fast separately, so far we couldn't find an easy way of making them both work together at the same time without making things slow.

Thanks for the insights. So I do not have an idea on how to circumvent the slowness of the combination I hope that it will be possible some days in the future.