Weblink [list view]

pabloluih 1 month ago in Feature requests • updated by Vlad R 1 month ago 1

I have been searching about it but I have not found nothing clear. I'm sorry.

First of all, my configuration about view mode is DETAILED LIST mode by default.

My problem is that when I create a weblink it is set to GRID mode by default, although there are not images in the folder. I tried with short url, long url, changing the mode before creating the WL... But the result is always the same, GRID mode.

I have seen that given the following WL:


You can change at the end &mode=default to &mode=list. And everything seems fine, but I do not know if this behaviour is normal or if I am missing something...

Sorry for having so many doubts, but every time I use more Filerun more things I discover.

Thank you very much for making this possible!


FileRun currently opens web linked folders by default in the grid view mode.

I have changed this post into a feature request, as we will probably add soon an option for setting the default mode.