Weblink [list view]

usuario03c1 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 4

I have been searching about it but I have not found nothing clear. I'm sorry.

First of all, my configuration about view mode is DETAILED LIST mode by default.

My problem is that when I create a weblink it is set to GRID mode by default, although there are not images in the folder. I tried with short url, long url, changing the mode before creating the WL... But the result is always the same, GRID mode.

I have seen that given the following WL:


You can change at the end &mode=default to &mode=list. And everything seems fine, but I do not know if this behaviour is normal or if I am missing something...

Sorry for having so many doubts, but every time I use more Filerun more things I discover.

Thank you very much for making this possible!


FileRun currently opens web linked folders by default in the grid view mode.

I have changed this post into a feature request, as we will probably add soon an option for setting the default mode.


The control panel option of changing the default view mode will be included with the next FileRun update.

Many thanks! Awesome your effort for making this possible :)


The option is included in the now available FileRun software update (https://docs.filerun.com/updating).