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Can't upload from mobile

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I have installed FileRun on my server. All work normaly.

Today I install FileRin on my mobile /OS Android/ from Google Play. I can sign in and view all my files, but when I try to upload file - I see 100% uploading, but file is not on server /file is .jpg 300 kb/. From Settings I have activated API.

Why I can't upload files ?

Under review

The mobile app currently has many problems. We are working on an update.

Thank you.

How will we know about the change?


This is mine ;-)


Some development on the subject ?

Thank you, but Nextcloud client don't accept my username and password.

Below the password I see description "Multi-Status"

If you are not using the latest versions of the programs, please update.

I'm with latest versions of the programs.

Mabile version of FileRun still can't upload from mobile.

Mobile version of Nexcloud don't accept my name and pass.

Does the Nextcloud mobile app work for you with out demo? (https://filerun.com/demo) If yes, then there's something off with your particular FileRun install. Most probably web-server configuration. Make sure HTTP authentication is configured to work fine and pass the environment variables to PHP.

Thank you, Vlad.

Nextcloud mobile app work for me with your demo. I can see Home folder.

My Web server installed on https from cPanel --> Softaculous Apps Installer.

Current PHP version - 7.1

What other information should I provide?


When accessing http://your-site.com/path-to-filerun/dav.php in your web browser you should get an authentication prompt. Are you able to pass the prompt and see an XML page?

On my mobile web browser I open https://your-site.com/path-to-filerun/dav.php and I see authentication prompt. When I write my user and pass I see some code - XML page. The same is and with computer web browser.

Not a bug

Looks like you need technical assistance with troubleshooting your particular server setup. You are the only person currently reporting such problems. We can provide technical assistance to Enterprise license owners.