Not a bug

Upgrade issue

Bavo B 4 years ago updated by Alonso G 3 years ago 2

I'm currently still running FileRun internally on a server on version 2016.04.25.  I want to start upgrading the software to a more current release but when I click on 'search for new versions', the software keeps loading but doesn't find anything.  In the PHP log I get the following error:

[16-Jul-2019 16:39:11 Europe/Brussels] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method ::_expandlinks() in /Webshares/DMS/FileRun/system/classes/snoopy/Snoopy.class.php on line 297

Any ideas to help?

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Not a bug

Given that you have valid support service on your Enterprise license, I have contacted you now via e-mail for tech support. Please reply directly via e-mail. Thank you!

I am having the same issue. Also a licensed/support customer. Could you please help?