Problem selecting users

ikkehier 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

I have setup Filerun on my home Synology in order to test the usability for my company. I have created a second user.

Superuser has a home folder .....\data\

user has a home folder  .....\data\av\

I now want to give user av rights to a specific folder from superuser ie. .....


I select the folder and choose Share | With Users.

I get the dialog but can't seem to find a way to select user av

Image 390

Any idea what I have done wrong here?

btw. the when registering Filerun states 3 out of 3 users, but there is only a superuser and user

Seems there was a lag in the users count: it's correct now. SO only my problem with selecting a user


It means the signed in user account has no user or groups selected for his "Can interact with" permission.

P.S. Always use absolute paths for users home folders, and always use forward slashes, even on Windows (Ex: C:/my/path/).

Yes, that was the solution (had not expected to fill that since I was logged in as superuser :-) )