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Contact list for users with shared folders and no "Home"

Studio C 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 3

Hello Vlad,

I would like to request a feature- If you have 1 admin with Home folder and * number of users, with no Home and just see shared folders from admin, these people to be able to see other users like them with the information the admin entered when created the users. So we have 10 users who see a shared folder, and these 10 users see their details- Phone, website, general info, etc...Is it possible? Thanks in advance! Will be useful for us a lot!

Under review

So basically something like:

But allowing you to click the user's avatar to see their contact details?

Yes, this will be fine- contact details- two names, phone, email, etc.

Now if I enter as user, on the "i" icon  I see only "Listing- number of files and Size /calculate/"- I guess it is optional what you see in this panel.

Also, we most commonly share with groups, so there must be a way to expand the group and then be able to click on each name, or directly list only users, disregarding the group the admin created for the project. Whatever is easier for you.

Thank you!

The above screenshot is what the actual owner of the file/folder (the user that shared the item) is seeing. It is not currently available for the users that are receiving the share. I'm just collecting information on how this feature would work.