.AIFF Audio Support

Mauricio A 4 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3

Is there any plan to develop .aiff audio files playable ?

You should ask the browser developers if they plan to add support for it. We work with what we have, and currently the browsers don't support this media format.

Actually i run FileRun on a Mac Server, and Safari happens to have support for that kind of file, what happens is that i can only reproduce these if i right click on then and chose "open in new window". What i meant to ask was if the audio player or preview will support .aiff file extension in the future, or if is there any other way to make it possible. Thanks!


No, I am afraid the audio player will not support it. We do not add features that are only available in one browser. You can configure FileRun, from its control panel, to open files in a new window if that works for you.