Create Share Link On Windows?

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I've successfully got filerun up & running, and can create share links from the web UI.  I've also installed NextCloud on Windows, and got it connected to my instance (it syncs files properly).  However, I can't seem to figure out how to create share links from Windows.  When I right-click a file in Windows and go to Nextcloud->Share, I get a dialog like: [link removed] (and no new share link is created).  If I try Nextcloud->Copy private link to clipboard, I get a link like:https://:9988/filerun/index.php/f/00000001.  9988 is the port where my instance is running.  If I modify the link to insert the correct domain before the port, accessing the link yields "Unknown custom route."

My goal for trying filerun was to have a self-hosted replacement for Dropbox's Right Click->Create Dropbox.  Is the using Nextcloud app the wrong way to go about doing this?

Thanks in advance :)

Under review

The Nextcloud app is not developed by us and it is not even designed to be used with FileRun. FileRun was made to work with it. Some functionality might not be compatible. For now, the functionality is limited to syncing files, but we'll try to cover the linking feature as well.

Yup, I understand that the desktop app isn't developed for you directly - however, it is the client that's listed as filerun's "Desktop sync app," so it does appear to be the "officially-suggested" client ;)

So just to be clear: is this something that's not currently possible/doable with any Windows software (i.e. can't be done with filerun via any of the other webdav client apps, either)?

If not, is it something that might possibly be supported in the foreseeable future?

I totally understand that implementing each thing does take work - but for what it's worth, sharing from Win Explorer is indeed something supported by pretty much every 'Google drive-like' sharing app (i.e. QNap's QSync, Synology's Cloud Station, SeaFile, DropBox, etc). I absolutely LOVE filerun's web UI for viewing...but the speed & ease of sharing is certainly a very important factor :)


With the next FileRun update you will have the possibility of sharing files via web links directly from your desktop's file explorer.

Great news!! Looking forward to it :)


The FileRun software update which is now available adds the possibility of getting both private and public links to files, via the Nextcloud desktop app. For updating: https://docs.filerun.com/updating

Awesome, thanks!

Can that update procedure be used even if running in a Docker container (i.e. the application itself is extracted to /var/www/html, stored in a volume, & thus not in the container itself)?

Or no, because the application is inside the container & would be reverted whenever the container is destroyed & recreated?

The update procedure is the same, from the FileRun control panel.

How can I edit the above original post? I’m shutting down the domain where the screenshots were hosted. Tried to edit the post to update the link as I did on all other forums, but it won’t let me; also tried to delete the thread, but it won't let me. How can I fix the now-invalid screenshot link included above?

I have removed the link, as the screenshot is no longer necessary. Thank you!