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Create Share Link On Android?

metal450 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 10

On Android, the FileRun app suggests using the NextCloud app (as FileRun doesn't support Android 9).  However, in the NextCloud app, I can't seem to find how to create any share links.  Next to each file, the "share icon" is greyed, and if I use the 3 dots->Details->Sharing, it shows "Resharing is not allowed."

How can share links be created...?

Thanks in advance :)

How can share links be created...?

Currently, only using the web interface, which adapts fine to mobile screens.

Is adding support for link-sharing from an app anywhere on the roadmap?

I guess this might be similar to my other issue (https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/733-create-share-link-on-windows) of also not being able to easily create links from Windows (without having to separately launch the browser). IMHO it does feel quite cumbersome to have to take so many steps:

Photo->Share Menu->NextCloud (which uploads the file)->launch a browser->Login (if logout period has passed)->Navigate to the photo you just uploaded->3 dots->Share->Web link->Copy->Done button.

Compare to i.e.:

Photo->Share menu->Share with Dropbox->Create link. Done & ready to be pasted.

Is adding support for link-sharing from an app anywhere on the roadmap?

Yes, it is.

Awesome!  Is there some thread somewhere (i.e. github, etc) that can be followed to be notified when this works? :)

The only option would be to follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/FileRun) for getting notifications on update releases.

Bummer - I don't use Twitter.  I guess I'll just check back every so often ;)

Will be answered

I will post here when it's added, so you will get notified.

Perfect, thanks! :)

(Would love the same for the ability to share from Windows, too - as these 2 were essentially my core intentions for trying out FileRun: the ability to quickly/easily share files, like with Dropbox...but self-hosted.)

They probably both use the same API calls, so if one method works, the other one should work as well.

Two for the price of one.  Fingers crossed it isn't too tough~