Cannot Update from 2018.2.13 to 2018.5.22 on php 7.1 debian 8.10

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I want to update from 2018.2.13 to 2018.5.22 on php 7.1 debian 8.10. I am able to download and to start the update, but it freez. I can see that it is unable to unzip the files from update.zip to unzipped.zip. If I try to go manually, there is update.php inside an if I start it I become an error.

Can you help me?


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Hi Stanislav,

Please note that your FileRun Enterprise license includes private tech support service. If you e-mail us at tech-support@filerun.com you will receive prompt assistance. If you continue to use the forum, you might end up with unanswered questions.

Now, to answer your message as well, if you set "display_errors" to "On" in your PHP configuration, or you check the PHP error log file, you will find a related error message which will provide information on what the problem is and then the solution will become obvious.

Kindly e-mail us any additional questions at tech-support@filerun.com