Add label to folder

Qing L 6 years ago updated by Vlad R 6 years ago 2


I hope we can also add label to the folder.

e.g. I am a exporter, I shared a folder "ABC company" to ABC company. In this folder, there are other folders, such as order folders " 123" "456" "789" "quotation" and more... I need, when customer visited this "ABC company" folder, he saw "123" , I hope he can see the label on the folder "123" e.g. "Confirming", means the order is conforming, "Confirmed" Means the order is confirmed, "waiting for deposit" " Producing" "Book shipment" " Shipped" "Waiting for balance". If we have the label on the folder, customer can easily know Which step is the order or project in.



Under review

From what we have observed, many users simply rename the folders to reflect the status. The user interface elements which represent folders are quite small, so labels might not fit or look very good. However, we are open minded, and if your idea gets voted for, we will consider implementing it. Thank you for posting it!


Adding labels to folders will be available with the next FileRun version. Thank you for the request.