Hidden Files per User

Paul L 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 1

I know you can hide files from all users with

$config['app']['hidden_file_names'][] = "*.exe";

But this seems to be Global.

What if I want to hide EXE files from all users but I want the Admin or certain users to see EXE files?

If there is no option to do this can this be a feature request?

There is a setting per user which allows what files types can be uploaded by that user.  How about the same setting which allows what files are hidden per user?


If a user should not have access to some files, those files should not exist in the folders the user has access to.

The option of hiding files is designed entirely for cases like useless temporary files (thumbnail caches for example), where the goal is not to restrict access, but to prevent clutter. Hiding files is not a healthy way of controlling file access. That's why it's never used in any OS or application.

If you can provide an good example for a use for this option, a case where there aren't better alternatives, we'll reconsider.