Zoho editor saving issue

Florian V 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 7


we are testing the integrated Zoho editor to edit our documents on the fly when our employees are abroad.

Unfortunately it's not possible to save an edited file back to the server drive. When we are closing and re-opening the edited file the changes appear, but when we are opening the corresponding file directly from the web servers drive nothing has changed.

It seems that it’s not possible to write back the edited file?

I can’t find any error messages in my logs.

Saving manually shows a "content could not be sent" error message.


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Under review

I'm checking to see if Zoho made any changes to the API. I will get back.

Zoho did make changes to the API. We are going to include the changes in the next FileRun update.

You should also check that the API key you are using did not reach its limit (its 300 free requests a month now, after which you need to upgrade to a paid Zoho plan)

I fill API key and choose zoho.com, then save setting.

But, when I re-open the setting page, nothing modified...

and when I open a docx file, zoho also not to be used.

It's there good new?

Many thanks for your reply, looking forward to the updates.

For sure we didn't reached the limit of API calls.


For users of the current FileRun version (2019.12.25), for fixing the Zoho Editor, please replace the file "customizables/plugins/zoho/app.php" in your installation with this version: https://f.afian.se/wl/?id=NMrjkT3kuA2az2K8QRi36LOJn37WKJwU

This patch will be included with the next FileRun update.

'The requested file is no longer available!' feedback by your url above, hope new version will come soon, thank you for develop filerun, it's very suitable for me.

I have fixed the link now. Thanks for pointing it out.