Cron Email Notification Attributes

Erich P 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 1

I have a cron script running and it is returning the following information:

Analyzing activity since 999:Processing 8 records:

2019-09-20 20:40:36 - support@[...]s.com - upload

Notify: support@[...]s.com

2019-09-20 20:40:36 - support@[...]s.com - receive_upload

Notify: support@[...]s.com

2019-09-20 20:46:50 - support@[...]s.com - file_deleted

Notify: support@[...]s.com

Sending 1 emails:

Software error: Invalid HTTP_HOST value.

This seems to be working as expected.  But how do I get the cron script to return an email with more details like the instant notification would send?  I am looking for something more like this:

2019-09-20 20:23:56TESTING PRESENTER uploaded the file HOME/Agenda - CECA-IFPE Exhibitor Meeting.pdf (636 KB).

I am specifically looking for a cron script that returns when something was uploaded, where it went, and what the name of the file was.  Pretty much exactly as the instant notification would send.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



The command line's output is just for getting a brief idea of what the command does. It will not get more details than that.

You could configure a BCC e-mail address from FileRun's control panel, so that you get all the notifications your users get.

Or, look in the FileRun control panel user activity log section to see everything that happened. Or check the folder activity panel (the globe icon) in the user interface.